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Congress: How much bioeconomy can our globe take?

Alternative bioeconomy summit on February 23, 2022 in the Bremen state representation in Berlin

What must a new federal government do to make the economy of the future socially just and ecologically sustainable? As a promise of salvation, the bioeconomy is repeatedly brought into play at this point – an economic system that is operated with biological resources.

But the biomass that fields, forests and seas can supply is limited and most ecosystems are already under enormous pressure. In the Global South, the production of agricultural goods is sometimes bought with serious human rights violations, and in Germany an increasing social division threatens social peace. Not an easy starting point for developing the economy of the future.

Ultimately, the much-cited planetary limits must be poured into practical politics without neglecting the fair distribution of raw materials. Experts from environmental and development organizations, politics, science and specialist authorities come together at this summit of the Bioeconomy Action Forum in order to define guard rails for a sustainable future.

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